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Started building a small roadmap on this blog, with everything I think I do, and all I think I want to do: build an online brand, value making connections, and make a mark , I live For the purposes of this roadmap, I chose a more personal email address to build trust and personalization for other reasons.

Since there were only a few days left to go to, it seemed logical to order the new and exciting bluehost coupon 2018 lemma was that there are no email hosting service providers offering personalized email hosting with custom domains.

Hosting with free domains

Previously, Google had a free basic plan for small businesses. We could create email addresses with custom domain names for free. Google stopped providing this service for free, and the only remaining service provider that would provide the same free email hosting service was Microsoft; More recently, however, Microsoft has stopped providing this service with a free plan for small businesses and online brands.

So I started looking for email service providers who offer messaging hosting for a small brand like mine. Here are three email hosting service providers that I find a good combination with great offers.
1. Namecheap Email Hosting Services:

Of these three services, I found that NamEcheap Email Hosting is the best in terms of cost. Value $ 29 USD / year (~ INR1,500 / year), e-mail alias for unlimited domain get, 10GB email storage, 10GB file storage and Namecheap hosting is private: This is your plan for someone with much smaller and easier needs, like me, they have a basic private mail hosting plan for 10 USD / year (~ 700 INR / year). The floor plan has 3GB storage e-mail with 1GB file storage, OX-unit that can be used, files and data between devices and a mailbox to synchronize (e-mail ID / user); Additional mailboxes (with the same custom domain) cost about $ 3 / user / year. Incredibly good for someone looking for a simple and straightforward solution for email hosting. Namecheap still surprises me and is certainly one of the best email registrars and providers I’ve dealt with.

Email data

Full Disclosure: I am not responsible, and I am not obliged to write all these compliments for Namecheap; I do it because I really see the value in their many offers. All I want is Namecheap offers domain privacy for free. Other than that, I love everything

FastMail was my # 1 for the purchase of reliable, simple and easy messaging hosting. That was before finding what Namecheap had to offer in terms of personal and private email. I only asked Namecheap because I could not sign up for an account at At first, I thought they would stop offering test accounts. So I tried to sign up for a paid plan that I could not sign up for. I assumed they did not offer email hosting solutions to bluehost coupon ia or, indeed, outside the United States. UU But a more thorough investigation, that some of your tweets read, your schedule, I realized that “the protection against fast mail fraud may know a little too zealous …” – his words, not mine.