The best hosting service 2018 reviews & list

Having the best website in the world means little if you’re still inactive and your readers can not access it. Enter the best web hosting service that manages the mechanical aspects of your website’s connection to the rest of the world. If your website is a home, your web hosting provider owns the property on which the house is located and ensures that you have utilities and street access. Our two main selections are excellent hosts, be it the first site you create or the fiftieth.

Hosting time

You should have a support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone or live chat. If your Syracuse, NY, website is slow or completely out of order, you should not have to wait for business hours in California before you can fix the problem.
You need servers in the United States hostgator coupon code 75 off The speed with which your website is available to your customers depends, in part, on how close your customers are to the web host server. In this review, we focus on EE-based servers. UU., Which asks companies to have at least one data center in North America. We prefer web servers with additional data centers, if you live in Texas, but your readers are in the UK, it is useful to have a web server with servers in London, but we do not need it .

Best web service 2018

And finally, we needed 99.95% (or more) availability. Uptime measures the history of a business to keep websites online all the time. In a perfect world, your site will be 100% available to readers. But companies generally guarantee only 99.9% uptime, with occasional technical difficulties inevitable. We use a third party monitoring service to validate this claim and identify the best employees: the companies that stopped their websites in 99.95% of cases.

FastComet was immediately impressed by its beautifully designed website and provided us with a few clicks of all the information we needed on packages and service levels. In addition to its outstanding presentation, FastComet offers a variety of tools to help you optimize your services. Your knowledge base is comprehensive but accessible, with written instructions and targeted videos for each skill level. FastComet has a 99.99% uptime, with the highest rating achievable with a third-party verification system. It is very unlikely that your readers will see an error page when they visit your website.

FastComet impressed us with the talent for the show, but GlowHost plugged us in with customer service. Whether by e-mail or phone, we have always been patient, respectful and friendly. GlowHost hostgator 1 cent coupon 2018 has a slightly lower availability score than FastComet and reaches 99.98 percent, and the tools it offers are not so nice for beginners. In particular, the GlowHost integrated website designer is less robust than FastComet: If you are a beginner looking for many customizable templates, you will be happier with FastComet.You must offer at least three types of accommodations. We require all our web servers to offer shared, dedicated and VPS or cloud hosting. These higher service levels are probably not immediately necessary, but they offer advanced services that can help your site grow. You do not have to migrate to another company and sign a new contract.